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The ESEF Inline XBRL mandate is almost here.

Right now, our experts are helping companies across Europe, just like you, prepare to submit their fully ESEF-compliant Annual Financial Report, on time and with confidence.

Our end-to-end ESEF solution handles all your iXBRL requirements, with zero impact to your current production workflow.

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Partner with the Global Leader in Inline XBRL

In addition to our 50+ years of industry experience, working with Toppan Merrill means you’ll benefit from committed professionals who know the ESEF requirements inside, and out.


Because our thought leaders helped create the XBRL taxonomy.

XBRL Certified Software

Toppan Merrill ESEF technology is certified and has been validated against ESMA’s requirements.

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Fast, Simple, & Cost-Effective:
Meet the Single, End-to-End ESEF Solution

Our unique ESEF solution allows you to upload your financial statements using any file format you prefer. Our system then quickly processes your file, handling the complexities of XBRL mapping and tagging without error.

Even better? Being a true end-to-end solution, this is done with no impact to your workflow. Once complete, you need only to
review online, download, and file.

ESEF: Understanding What’s at Stake

Below are four key takeaways from a recent article by Bartek Czajka. His complete thoughts are available on the Toppan Merrill blog.

Who is Affected By the Mandate?

The mandate applies to all issuers within the EU. All financial statements for annual periods beginning on or after January 1, 2020 are affected. There is no phase-in by company size or sector.

What Brought the Mandate About?

The mandate began with the European parliament's goal to create a ''single digital market” that is machine-readable and more easily discoverable, bringing EU capital markets into the digital information age. In turn, this goal led to the 2013 EU Transparency Directive changes. ESMA then had the task of defining a single digital financial reporting format. The European single electronic format is the result.

When Do the ESEF Requirements Take Effect?

Annual financial reports (AFRs) in xHTML format and iXBRL-tagged IFRS consolidated statements are due four months after year-end. We'll begin seeing the first ESEF filings in early 2021.

What Is Your Advice for Issuers?

Engage an expert. iXBRL bridges the gap between humans and machines. So, XBRL expertise requires understanding both languages. But experts must also know how to apply the right tags and how to format reports correctly. All this ensures critical financial data is both compliant and accurate.

Invest in Professional Peace-of-Mind

Based in London, our XBRL trained and certified team is consulting with issuers all over the EEA. Like you, we know how much damage even a small error can have on your company’s reputation. That’s why our own reputation makes all the difference.

In addition to 50+ years of industry experience, we provide:

Deep Expertise

Our relevant experience is unmatched. Market knowledge we provide to our clients is informed by solutions that have been tested and proven accurate.

Forward-Thinking Technology

As thought-leaders, we are known for crafting intuitive, flexible solutions. We design these solutions to work with your existing systems and adapt to your workflow (not the other way around).

Service-Centric Support

No one makes it easier to do the tough stuff better. We bring a positive, determined attitude and peerless professionalism to our clients' challenges to get the work done.



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